War Thunder WW2 plane sim :)

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War Thunder WW2 plane sim :)

Postby Ninu zahra » Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:52 pm

TLDR: The game is nice, free to play but you will eventually need to put in some cash. The game mechanics are really awesome especially the hit detection. You may want to give it a try.

You crave for a game of action and player skill, twitch skill that is. Then this might be a game you like! This is nothing like World of planes where each plane has a set number of hits before it goes down. It has actual hit detection and damage mechanics.

The game is much like LOL or DOTA, in a sense that once you get into it, you will be in the lobby sort of, where you can talk to your friends or your guild (squadron). From there you will tweak airplanes, and go to battles. There are 3 battlemodes, Arcade, Historical and Full real battles. I tried arcade up to now, and even with aim assist and pilot assist, it is very challenging. Game is really fun, most fun I had in some time because no matter the plane you are flying, player skills beat it hands down. I have killed a handful of fighter planes with my Biplanes because I just out skilled them (or they were really terrible). That said, having a fighter or better improves your chances.

You start with a nation, I picked up Russia, and then you gain ranks within that nation. Later on you can branch to other nations so I bet everyone will fly almost everything at the end. The game is deep to describe in a couple of lines but basically you have a hangar of ships, maximum 5 (7 with premium) and once you lose those you wait for the battle to end for your side. Once back in hangar you spend money to repair them and re-ammo them. You get to take off and you can even land back at the airfield if you make it back to repair and re-ammo.

Well If you guys want to give it a try you can check in the game, or use my link that will give me some in-game goodies. http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=7910795

Either way please make sure you add my pilot name Toninu to your friends list maybe you join me for a battle or two.

If looking for a clan there, you can try out my clan, very nice peeps.
If you are ingame contact me and I will get you into a nice UK corp, they organise a training session for newcomers every Wednesday and sunday.

We fly exclusively British planes and you need rank 4 in Britain to join in. (you can rank that up easily in about 3 -4 hours). I am at Rank 11 with British planes now and training exclusively into the british tree.

Clan name:
-No.1- RAF (teamspeak: tritiumgaming.no-ip.org) no password.

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Re: War Thunder WW2 plane sim :)

Postby Aldeth_Ironsar » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:23 pm

Hi there! I play fairly frequently and LOVE the game. Anyone who enjoys WWII dog-fighting games, I think this is the best out there right now and it is free. I'm online as clukasiewicz.

Aldeth Ironsar

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Re: War Thunder WW2 plane sim :)

Postby [TBC]Doma » Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:05 am

Its a bit too arcadey to be called a sim imo.

Sure its fun, but its no proper ww2 aircombat sim.

WW2Online would be better for that imo.

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