Application for Pleasedont Pkme

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Application for Pleasedont Pkme

Postby jambo » Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:23 pm

Character Names (including any alts) Pleasedont Pkme

Previous Character Names (including any alts) from Darkfall 1 & 2 - Jambo Bamps

List your Current & Previous clans from Darkfall 1 & 2 - Bad Pirates

Reasons for leaving last/current clan.

I fee like there is not enough active people and i feel like i am always alone. They are a great bunch of guys but the clan is not for me.

DF forum name (Yes we want to know if you are a troll :p) I don't have one

Current Prowess. 23k

Current Class & Other Classes if you have them. Evasive Warrior

Real Life Age. 23

Nationality and level of English. British

What are your approximate daily playtimes? When i'm not working.

Why do you want to join TFK and what do you want to achieve by joining?

I would like to join TFK as i see you guys a lot and you seem like a really tight clan filled with awesome people. Once i am PVP viable i want to be able to join you guys in wrecking other people.

Tell us a few things about yourself. What do you do? What are your hobbies? etc

I currently work at mcdonalds due to so little jobs going and the rent needs paying so you gotta do what you gotta do. Other than that i like to play games on my time off. I like to have fun and have a laugh. One thing i will say, if you're clan is boring and dusty in the TS3 then this clan is not for me, banter is essential :P

Do you currently have friends in TFK? Haven't really spoke to any of them.

Do you have a conflict or history with someone in TFK? No

Do you have a pet, if so which kind? My girlfriend has 4 cats? lol

Any other relevent information?

I have a small willy :(

Please confirm you will use Voice Comms to communicate while playing Darkfall, we are currently using teamspeak 3. I confirm i have a microphone and will use TS3

Please state that you have read and agree to the TFK Honour Code. I have read your honor code.

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