Application for Stephano Ducatisti

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Application for Stephano Ducatisti

Postby Deviant » Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:28 pm

Character Names (including any alts)
Stephano Ducatisti

Previous Character Names (including any alts) from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them
DeVianT DestorY

List your Current & Previous clans from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them
Pandora, TFK, Simiran

Reasons for leaving last/current clan
DF1 Serverquit

DF forum name (Yes we want to know if you are a troll :p)

Current Prowess
About 1,1k atm

Current Class & Other Classes if you have them

Real Life Age

Nationality and level of English
Austrian, i would not say perfectly english, sometimes grammar isn´t right but i understand everything i have to

What are your approximate daily playtimes?
Atm about 2hrs, will be more in a few weeks

Why do you want to join TFK and what do you want to achieve by joining?
There are many of my ex clanmates at TFK and i wanted to play with them again.
For sure some pvp adventures

Tell us a few things about yourself. What do you do? What are your hobbies? etc
When the weather is just beautiful outside you´ll not see me very often in DF.
This times i spend on my Bike just enjoing some curves. ;)

Do you currently have friends in TFK?

Do you have a conflict or history with someone in TFK?
Do you have a pet, if so which kind?
A dog
Any other relevent information?

Please confirm you will use Voice Comms to communicate while playing Darkfall, we are currently using teamspeak 3.

Please state that you have read and agree to the TFK Honour Code

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