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Robero Paskanakki

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Character Names (including any alts)
Robero Paskanakki

Previous Character Names (including any alts) from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them
Nyr valeth
Doober man
Robero paskanakki

List your Current & Previous clans from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them

Reasons for leaving last/current clan
Df1 went down

DF forum name (Yes we want to know if you are a troll :p)
Dont think i have an active forum account now?

Current Prowess

Current Class & Other Classes if you have them


Real Life Age

Nationality and level of English
Finalnd, Strong English

What are your approximate daily playtimes?
16:00--> on the week and on the weekends more

Why do you want to join TFK and what do you want to achieve by joining?
I want to become better in UW like in old darkfall

Tell us a few things about yourself. What do you do? What are your hobbies? etc
Job, Skateboard etc..

Do you currently have friends in TFK?
Dont know.

Do you have a conflict or history with someone in TFK?
Yes in df 1
Do you have a pet, if so which kind?
Any other relevent information?

Please confirm you will use Voice Comms to communicate while playing Darkfall, we are currently using Mumble.
I will join your mumble

Please state that you have read and agree to the TFK Honour Code

Yes yes

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