Application for Orolt Undeceiver

Interested in joining? Apply within.
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Application for Orolt Undeceiver

Postby Undeceiver » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:33 pm

Character Names (including any alts)

Orolt Undeceiver

Previous Character Names (including any alts) from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them

Orolt Lifebringer

List your Current & Previous clans from Darkfall 1 & 2 - ALL of them

Currently: None
Previous clans. Snailparty, Agenda, Ymir's Path, Invictus, Warbound, Thanedom of Ipswich (sub of Wessex)

Reasons for leaving last/current clan

Was TFK. I left because I stopped playing DF

DF forum name (Yes we want to know if you are a troll :p)

Orolt Lifebring

Current Prowess


Current Class & Other Classes if you have them

Mainly a primalist, with certain damage abilities, and evade. 120 int - 120 wisdom.

Real Life Age


Nationality and level of English

Spanish, I would say i know English even better than Spanish, at least when it comes to gaming.

What are your approximate daily playtimes?

Depends on the day, but usually during the week I play on the evenings, and on weekends a bit more over the afternoon. Some days on the mornings. Overall I would say I play an average of 2 hours a day, maybe 3.

Why do you want to join TFK and what do you want to achieve by joining?

I want to join TFK due to several reasons:

- Currently, DFUW is a clan and group game. It is very different to DFO in that sense, you will only play a small percentage of the game if you play alone or in a small clan, and I want to experience it all.

- I know some people inside TFK, some better, some worse. I've talked to many in the past, including Silva a tiny eeny bit, but currently I actively chat with Maximum Evil on a regular basis. I also know Rigan Pere, slightly know Elania (lots of Gargantuas died for his honour), and probably a lot more which I don't remember right now.

- Out of all the "big" clans (TFK is not the biggest or close to, but I would say it is on the top 15 biggest in EU), TFK is the one which gives me the best feelings, which is something I have come to confirm when reading these forums and the like. Certainly always seemed to me like a mature, calmed down clan.

Tell us a few things about yourself. What do you do? What are your hobbies? etc

I am currently studying a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, have about 1-2 years left to finish. I live with my girlfriend since one year ago, and had been living alone two years before that. I am also working half-time at a small software development company here in Spain. I've worked at another one in the past. I also have certain projects on which I try to invest part of my time, including a fighting video game, an annotation software system, a mathematics article about computability and many other things. I'm what you would call a nerd in regards to hobbies. Besides what I already said, I like good sci-fi, I love fantasy settings, recently I'm starting to get into the anime world (although i'm pitty with what animes I watch, I don't like gratouitusly funny anime, and I love crude anime). I left it for the end, but of course, I'm one big videogame addict. I've been playing videogames online since I was 8 years old and, after trying Diablo 2 demo, I bought Diablo 1 and played it online. I played Diablo 1, Starcraft, Diablo 2, Helbreath, MU Online (I regret this one) and probably a lot more I don't remember in the past. After a small era of my life with few videogames, I came again and played DFO, Bloodline Champions for a good while, and I am currently playing Darkfall Unholy Wars, DOTA 2, Diablo 3 and I just started trying out Path of Exile. I've also played an insane amount of not-online video games.

Do you currently have friends in TFK?

Yes, I know Maximum Evil, and used to talk with him a lot. Also, Izvill, Neurotic Impulse (Grendal), Neurotic Reaction (Kuraluk), Neurotic Dream, and the other one of the pack, whose DF name I don't know (for me he is Cristian).

Do you have a conflict or history with someone in TFK?

Not that I know of, but I haven't checked the whole roster, plus I don't know name equivalences.

Do you have a pet, if so which kind?

A cat, but I don't like it that much. I have it because my sister had it and then, due to life issues, she couldn't keep it, and my girlfriend said she would take care of it. It's not that I hate it, but if it was for me, I wouldn't have it. I prefer dogs.

Any other relevent information?

I am socially awkward, in a sense which you do not meet very often. I have a lot of weird stuff in my head and I usually think very differently from most people (not better or worse, just different). That's one of the main reasons I have skipped clans most of my Darkfall life, I have a very hard time dealing with people, I get tired of it. I'm not saying I'm gonna make things uncomfortable, I generally get along well with people, it's not a problem for the others (usually), but it tires me. In that sense, I'll need to go play alone without chatting with anyone or anything on a regular basis, I need to do that in order to fuel me to keep dealing with others.

Please confirm you will use Voice Comms to communicate while playing Darkfall, we are currently using Mumble.

Of course I will use Mumble while playing Darkfall.

Please state that you have read and agree to the TFK Honour Code

I have read and agree to the TFK Honour Code. In fact, I thought my decision was better than I originally thought when I read it.

Thanks for all and see you around.
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Re: Application for Orolt Undeceiver

Postby helgrrr » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:45 pm

Hi Orolt, I'd call you a friend, you were one of the best things about DF1 :)

I'm not playing UW but I'm still in TFK I'll come say hi on mumble sometime :D
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Re: Application for Orolt Undeceiver

Postby Undeceiver » Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:59 pm

Bump since i'm applying again. Elania said it was enough to bump it, i updated a few things :) Hi again.

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