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TFK Honour Code

Postby Silva » Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:17 pm

The TFK Honour Code

TFK (The Fremen Knights) is a PvP gaming community. We have been around since 1999 and were formed on the Darktide server of Asheron's Call. We prefer to focus on games with FFA PvP environments. Darkall is our current main game and will be for the forseeable future.

When you join TFK you join a family, and the following code is designed to keep that ethos intact and allow everyone to enjoy their gaming experience with us.

We have three main principles which we strive to stick to in TFK:

1. Respect your clanmates
2. Respect other players
3. Respect the game

1. Respect your clanmates

  • Use voice comms when you are playing. Darkfall is a harsh, competetive world where you have to defend what you own. Voice communication is a vital part of this. The clan language is english, you are expected to speak and understand it.
  • Adhere to the resource node restrictions. The rules on these vary with circumstances and are always updated on our private forums.
  • Don't abuse or insult a clanmate. Arguments are one thing, personal attacks and insults are another and will not be tolerated.
  • No combat looting or fighting naked, period.
  • We always try to split loot fairly within the clan, and usually have designated looters in large fights to ensure this happens.
  • Skill up your character for PvP, we are a competetive clan and you are expected to improve in PvP, we have a lot of good teachers in TFK and an internal PvP ladder to track your progress.

2. Respect other players

  • Respect new players, don't unnecessarily grief them or bindcamp them.

3. Respect the game

  • Do not use applications which modify the game client, these include speedhacks, radar hacks, terrain hacks and all the other associated cheat programs - anyone found using these will be permabanned from our community

Current TFK Leadership and Ranks

Overall Leader - Quik Silva

Co-Leaders - Elania Theraenie, Helgi Dee, Myra Mi

We also have a few special ranks which span all games:

Sovereign Knight - The overseer of TFK, and the official head of the guild across all games, Kokanee Ice

Master Knight - Ex leaders of the guild in various chapters (fav is one of these, see how it go's to his head :lol:)

Knight Emeritus - Retired knights who have honoured the guild through their membership and friendship

For historical reference the original honour code for TFK is here: ... 27#p194727

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