The real Darkfall 2 arrives today

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The real Darkfall 2 arrives today

Postby Silva » Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:02 pm

AV have turned around as a company this last year, they have hired some external management consultancy, which was always their weak spot as a development company. They have started to not only communicate with us, the player base, but really listen and interact.

The culmination of this is the first major Darkfall 2 patch which removes classes and the wobble system, and takes us back to a more raw and fps based combat system that we all grew to love from Darkfall 1.

A lot of people have already returned to Darkfall in the previous couple of months, and many more are returning this week for the "Custom Roles" patch.

Would be great to see more old faces from TFK. I know a lot of you feel burned by AVs previous actions and lack of development focus, but they really have turned it around and the future of Darkfall is looking brighter than ever, at least since the first 6 months of launch of Darkfall 1.

Todays patch notes are here: ... ost6309900

This is the first of many major patches planned to continue changing the game, the next patch is introducting many more siege engines and siege mechanics, after that we have a new iteration of enchanting coming and then they plan to unleash a brand new open ended quest system.

Drop by on Teamspeak if you want to know more, feel free to send me a PM for access if you don't already have it

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Re: The real Darkfall 2 arrives today

Postby psycho » Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:20 pm

Hey ho,

I'm on vacation in Greece atm and somehow that got my mind back to DF. I just read your post and it sounds great. It's been a few months since that post, how did turn out? Good as hoped? How is the population? How are the chances to get back into the game for someone that hasn't played quite some time? Coming back tomorrow and was thinking of activating my two accounts.

psycho / epic

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