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Darkfall Movie Making

Postby justtreehugger » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:56 pm

Hi guys
I've been reading some good fantasy books lately, and been making up stories in my mind while playing darkfall. How about combining a darkfall movie with some good story-telling. There could be a story telling element and it could involve pvp, sieges, fishing, anything as long as theres a good story behind it. Anyone interested in this?

It can tell a story about TFK or about the adventures of its individual members or the reason why we fight a certain other clan. It can be a story about why we siege a certain town or why we are being sieged + people recording the siege. This would make it much more interesting to watch than a mere fighting video with people i dont care about killing other people for nothing. If theres an underlying motivation and emphasizing with the characters in the video who actually fight with a meaning its more interesting to me:)

besides that, thinking a story makes your own gaming experience alot richer!

ps. i also like to read our fellow member Ninu Zahra's stories.
(read here: http://www.darkfall.easytutorialsonline ... apter1.php )

so for this we would need people interested.
someone with the computer the record and create the video
someone who has an idea for a story or something!

I'm looking forward to hear from you if you're interested in such a thing:)

greets, Just Treehugger

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