classic neverwinter nights

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classic neverwinter nights

Postby [tbc]legs » Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:57 pm

any old school fans in here? I got great news :D some old buddies have brought our old mod back to life :D

I would like to announce that the BadLands multiplayer pvp / action server is back online.



BadLands is back online with an active host and development team! BadLands has been part of the NWN1 Action / PvP community for many years and we are back with the intentions of restoring that to it's former glory and to give a home to any like-minded NWN1 players.

Our server has been built purely with balance in mind, while still giving the players a world full of things to do.

-Active and helpful DM Staff. They can help you with any of your issues or concerns. Have any ideas for the server? Please let a DM know. We are always looking for a way to better the server whether it be for entertainment, or a balance issue.

-Balanced +5 crafting system. Level requirement for crafted gear caps at level21 for balance purposes. There are a few items that can be obtained from killing bosses or winning tournaments that may slightly exceed this cap.

-150+ zones and 5 major cities. We are always growing. There are plenty of places for you and your friends to level and many places to explore at higher levels.

-30+ Tournament maps. All built with balance in mind. Everything from throne bashes, capture the flag, Free for Alls, Monsters Bashes, Team vs Team vs Environment. If anyone has ideas for new and interesting events, please let us know!

-1v1 - 5v5 Arenas located off of the major cities that allows you to place wagers and safely watch the fight!

-Fully functional guild system with ranks, rank names, permissions, and auras. Guilds can be leveled up to gain perks for members.

-Territory system. There are territories strategically places around the server that can be claimed and fought over by guilds. Each territory has a unique perk that members, who visit the territory, can temporarily take advantage of. Each territory owned grants a +5% xp increase to guild members.

-Currently Four(4) active guilds online that are recruiting. We try to maintain a balance between good (protect new players / levelers) and evil (PKers) guilds on the server, although new members for the good guilds are always needed! If you would like to bring your own guild into the server, please bring yourself and atleast 3 more players and show us that you will be active members of the community. Clan/Guild tags are not required.

-Many quests throughout the server, many of which are end game, that are sure to test your skills as a player / builder.

-Large scale holiday related storyline / events than span over several weeks. Once the time has passed, they will be gone until their return the following year.

-Fully customizable player journal that anyone can add information too. Think of it as an ingame Wikipedia for all of your server / gamewide information needs. Simple type +[ in your chat window to update your journal, or use your "Player Tools" in your inventory to submit an article of your own!

-Many more features to be found in-game. Come and give us a try!


BadLands' return into the NWN1 Action category has gone well, so far! We are boasting an active community that usually holds at around 10-20 players midday. Many old players have returned, and many new players have joined in on the fun!

I do know that pvp servers are not everyones cup of tea, but I do hope that those who do enjoy it are willing to give us a shot!

gamersgate has digital copys for £6 ;)

I know what your thinking, nwn cannot be balanced but I beg you for the chance to prove you wrong, this mod has been dissected for many years by some of the best players to ever log on, with a deep understanding of the ruleset and D&D in general

also, anything goes, this place is hardcore, if I feel threatened by the new build your levelling up, I will stop you, i'll hunt it(and disarm/pickpocket your inventory) until you have to log on a 40 and fight me. no DM will ban me either ;) if you make the wrong enimies you WILL need guild protection just to level up, or become very good at hiding ;)

sound fun? :P

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