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Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:25 pm
by [TBC]Doma

I am getting a SWG wibe from this.

Neat video if you are not updated on what kinda game this is.

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:19 pm
by Silva
already supported it on kickstarter, looks really promising, full open pvp with consequence :)

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:54 pm
by SlyXaojin
I will sign up to... anyone else pledging for alpha?

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:24 pm
by [TBC]Doma
I put up 50 bucks for the kickstarter. Dont know if that is enough for alpha though

Edit: according to the KS page, 50 bucks gets me "Closed Beta Round 2 Access (CB2)"

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:13 pm
by SlyXaojin
Alpha is 250$. So kinda pricy, but would be nice if i see anyone else then when trying it out... if not i could leak some background info ;)

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:48 am
by Silva
im not pledging for alpha either

Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:54 pm
by MegaLondon
I have real hope for this one [-o< A good friend (RIP Ewok) got me into SWG before SWG CU and it was some of the best times in gaming I've had.

Some good info on Hardcore server

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:25 pm
by MegaLondon
Official Hardcore Ruleset Discussion
by joshuahalls » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:48 am

NOTE: Everything below is for the hardcore server. There is no looting on the Normal server and PvP is completely consensual in all faction controlled zones. Contested regions (non-faction conrolled) in Normal are PvP enabled for anyone that enter, but again no looting. Please refrain from any discussion in this topic unless it is about the hardcore server. If you have no interest in the ruleset that is fine, but we don't need a bunch of posts telling everyone that.

We are in the process of finalizing some of these for a writeup, but we would like to put them out there first for a bit of discussion. Please try to keep in mind we might be open to some tweeks/adjustments and in some areas it will note we are open to more ideas, but I think we are happy and in agreement on a few of these. Wording might change a bit as well as we move forward.


It is going to be full loot with quite a few wrinkles. We decided to implement something similar to security zones in EvE with a few other twists. There will be 4 "lawful" ranges in the game.

•Highly Lawful - This is mostly reserved for beginning cities and encampments. Breaking any laws will lead to eradication bots showing up and obliterating you. All items on your person (corpse/inventory) will instantly go poof. There is a very very small chance you might be able to kill the target before this happens at this level. Bounties cannot be executed on other players in Highly Lawful areas. Retaliatory behavior is prohibited as well. Major and Moderate infractions will lead to faction hits (see next section for what those are) and a minor hit for Minor infractions.
•Moderately Lawful - Reserved for some land near the beginning areas and some faction controlled encampments. Minor infractions (attacking a player/vehicle/pet) will be ignored, Moderate infractions (looting or destroying a corpse) and major infractions (killing a player or deploying a jammer) will result in eradication bots showing up shortly to eradicate you. The bots most likely will not save you from death, but there is always a chance they might get there in time if you run away.
•Minimally Lawful - Highly unlawful activity will result in a faction hit and increase in guards in the region to contend with (not the 1 hit eradication types). All other activities result in no faction change. This will be in place for a lot of the faction zones once you get a bit further out from the starting areas. It is possible that lawful zones can exist in contested areas if they are controlled by either faction.
•Lawless - Contested zones that aren't held under control by either faction. Player cities will be able to control guard responses in their cities and faction aligned cities can also enable faction losses for breaking the rules in faction aligned cities (OWON/FPR only).

Now on the the Looting wrinkles themselves.

•NPC or PC death will result in random chance of everything on your character of being destroyed. All remaining objects will be added to your corpse. NPC death probably is a good talking point here and could be adjusted. All remaining objects take a full subgrade hit if they survive (A5->A4) and if anything slips below 0 is goes poof as well as it would of been broken.
•Hardcore server will have crafted objects called biolocks. Biolocks serve a few purposes. 1. They increase the chance (or make it 100%) it will survive the death process and make it to your corpse. 2. They will make it harder to loot the object, lower tier ones will simply blow up if you fail to hack it, higher tier ones will just lock out the object if failed. 3. Highest tier ones could also potentially reduce the grade reduction on death. Biolocks are consumed after the object is looted from the corpse and would have to be reapplied.
•We are thinking of having shells remain on character after death (so you would respawn with them equipped, but empty of all fittings). Due to the nature of cosmetic and regular in game shells it is going to make it hard to not have an advantage with cosmetics.
•Thinking of adding what we are referring to as "salvage bots". These are bots that can be deployed to retrieve your corpse a short period of time after you die. Time it takes to retrieve is based on the quality of the bot. Players can deploy jammers in Minimally and Lawless zones to prevent the bots from doing their jobs or they can destroy them when they show up (considered a Highly Unlawful act as well as placing down a jammer).
•No corpse ownership. Looting corpses in Highly/Moderate lawful zones will result in a faction hit though. Biolocks come into play so they can prevent some things from being looted unless you can hack them. Players will be able to give permissions to loot a corpse though, but it is the responsibility of the looter then to give the goods back to the player. Beyond that, corpses are fair game to anyone.

Friendly Fire/FFA

Splash/AOE damage will hit anything in range regardless of faction anywhere in the game.

FFA requires active flagging for any single target attack to fire (aoe will hit anything in its distance as mentioned).

Player Collision

We are in support of this, but want to figure out solid ways to prevent people from screwing with people in the higher lawful zones. Crouching through people was an option, but will have to explore this one further. In the lawless zones this shouldn't matter much as you can just shoot them to death.

Account Limitations

Being F2P kind of hard to do much here. You will not be able to do transfers from Normal to Hardcore though. You will be able to faction swap, but must build up if you change, you cannot just willy nilly go OWON/FPR.


•Auctions are globally searchable, but will only be delivered to the location they were put in at. They will need to be delivered or picked up if you aren't in the same city/outpost where it was placed.
•Banks will be local as well. Credits will most likely be global as they aren't a physical resource.
•Transport requests can be placed to move a package for a fee. The player declares the worth of the package and then must place a transport fee that is a minimum of 10% of the declared worth. The person transporting the package then must pay the full worth to transport the package. Upon delivery the fee will be paid and the "deposit" returned. Some other higher risk options might be added as well.
•Optional - some kind of NPC transport service that costs more and is much slower.


•Instanced Housing will not be available on the Hardcore server. We are trying to figure out what to do with the "PvE" plots in the faction regions.


•Open to any good ideas here, in past discussions the risk/reward on this one is typically slanted either way.


Instant Teleporting abilities will obliterate your inventory/equipment if used (with the salvage bots, no corpse as it could be abused). There will be a "unstuck" option that will take much longer to fire and will break if you go into combat or move. It will only move you in the zone though so is mostly to fix a bugged character if needed.

Fast travel I think we have 2 options, would like to get some feedback. Fast travel would be a tram like service between major hubs, not hopping on a vehicle.

•Remove it.
•Restrict players to bringing only their equipment and fittings on them. Any inventory on the player will be removed if they use fast travel.

Skill Gain/Skill Memory

•Skill chances will be increased in Minimally Lawless and Lawless zones.
•No Skill "saving" or loss of Skills.

Resource Quality/Quantity

•Much like normal, the further you get out the better quality chance you get on resources. Quantity probably will be adjusted down in higher lawful zones compared to Normal.
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Re: Top 10 reasons to be excited for Repopulation

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:04 pm
by Crasher
Hey was wondering what entry stage people have backed, for those that have I probably will get Beta1+.