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Re: Sandbox MMOs 2013 overview video

Postby Naggly Nagger » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:22 pm

Dest Locke wrote:The consensus among my guys is that the Lord British game looks like it's going to be crap, a pseudo-mmo played over facebook and tablets. Just the impression we got. I pledged, then cancelled it. lol.

Just wanted to chime in as someone who has watched / listened to most of richard garriot's interviews over the last few years.

Not sure what game or stage of developement he is on now, but its no secret he is developing games that appeal to the facebook genre. Why? Because there are billions of users. Explaining his business model would take more time than i care to spend, but in a nutshell, his goal is to convert all the casual facebook gamers into a hardcore revolutionary game like Ultima Online used to be / is.

Having problems editing from phone, but when i say convert i partially meant intergrate. As confident as he sounds in developing these games, dont feel bad about not supporting him on kickstarter

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