Lead and Gold (description)

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Lead and Gold (description)

Postby Naggly Nagger » Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:41 pm

Game: Lead and Gold, multiplayer team-based 3rd person shooter.

Objective: Defend or Capture bags of gold.

Highlights: Synergy system to reward players that play as a team. 4 playable classes. EPIC lols.

Summary: This game has been free to play all weekend, ends today in a couple hours. Right now its on sale for 75% off, a mere $2.50. As stated the objectives are to defend or capture gold, the bags are very heavy and when you pick them up your character goes into a very slow walk. I laugh my ass off everytime I pick up a bag and start doing the slow walk, and then toss it in order to be mobile in the shoot out, its truely LOL fun.

I'm going to buy some extra copies, so if you miss the sale let me know.

edit: thread was moved from the NA section, i edited the title. so now theres 2 threads on this game(lol) sorry. but its good enough to deserver 2 threads.

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