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Naggly Nagger

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:47 am
by Pink Floyd
Congratulations on your Cards and their World Series Win. I'm a huge Phillies fan, dating back to 1975 (the year I was born and inducted into the "thou shalt be a Phils fan, or thou shalt die" club). That said...

Those pictures of you and the pitching staff are awesome - and now they're connected to a World Series Win. Congratulations again, and may the party last forever, my friend.

Re: Naggly Nagger

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:37 pm
by Naggly Nagger
HAhaha..thanks man..Being surrounded IRL by soo many cubs fans and nay sayer's makes it that much sweeter. I remember spring training this year, when i seen phils starting rotation.. then seeing all the speed and power in the batting lineup..AND then the news of wainwright scratched for the whole season! It didnt look very good at all for the cardinals.

Even though espn and vegas ruled out the cardinals when they were 10 1/2 games back in the wildcard, going into a series with the braves and only having 16 games left, I went out on the line and took a heads up bet that the cards would win the wild card. Then the suicide bet, that cards would beat phils and their 5 hall of fame pitchers.

I guess seeing over the last 2 years, that the cardinals dont lay down, and dont take shit, makes the fans a little stubborn. Between last years media verbal bashing brandon phillips tryed to give the cards, wich molina quickly put him in line on the field when phillips tryed to give him a friendly bat to shinguard tap. And the fist pumping and staring down intensity carpenter brings, similar to a roided out clemens throwing broken bats. The wins in the last month, werent very joyous, more of a sigh of relief. And the biggest sigh of them all, was that game 7. I think for every player and fan, it was a month of holding their breath!

Not as much partying goin on as there was in 2006 :D but atleast i have some awesome pictures that will refresh my bad memory lol. Cheers