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Postby LynchyBlueNose » Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:42 pm

Talking about the messed up PC launch of RAGE -

Ultimately, though, Carmack doesn’t believe the incident justifies a return to PC-first game development. He’s nothing if not a realist, and he believes times have changed.

“We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games,” he explained. “That statement will enrage some people, but it is hard to characterize it otherwise; both console versions will have larger audiences than the PC version. A high end PC is nearly 10 times as powerful as a console, and we could unquestionably provide a better experience if we chose that as our design point and we were able to expend the same amount of resources on it.”

“Nowadays most of the quality of a game comes from the development effort put into it, not the technology it runs on. A game built with a tenth the resources on a platform 10 times as powerful would be an inferior product in almost all cases.”

Interesting, especially given that ID were such major PC developers and writers. What do others think (well I think we can assume one of the replies but nothing changes in some places !)

With PCs the way they are I think he is correct. They are very powerful but with the operating systems and masses of different pieces of hardware amd millions of cinfigurations they find it hard to put down that power fully and are incredibly difficult to write for as they are so diverse. Consoles are less powerful but the writer knows exactly what the end user has and so what will or will not work on it. This also allows for far easier game setup -- no messing with gfx settings etc to get the right outcome, just bung the disc in and start playing !

Personally I think the future is cloud gaming -- PC power but all done at source and delivered through a good connection to your basic PC or console like dongle, so again its known what power the central servers have and we dont need to mess about nrly as much -- which I know some like but most hate doing.

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