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racing club!

Postby faveo » Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:50 pm

Dawks has given me a great idea!

Using a proven subscription service members could share the cost of the subscription.

This is how i see it working , for example, we gain 10 members , each paying £10 a month = £100.

£100 - £20 sub fee = £80 to use as stake money on the advice supplied by the subscription service.

I will place the bets and post the advice on this website so you can shout for our horse on tv!

at the end of the month any profits are shared equally between the members (maybe a small donation for website upkeep:) )

everyone has the option of joining again at the start of the new month

i see this as a bit of fun for just £10 a month (or more if you wish!)

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