New Patch 8th of April

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New Patch 8th of April

Postby Stromberg » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:42 pm

Note:This patch will be deployed tomorrow - April 8th

Combat Changes

Pain School

Introducing Primalist's Pain school:

Needles: Though it takes awhile to cast, the high damage and bleeding caused to all caught in this burst of soaring needles make it worth the wait.

Eye Rot: Damn their eyes! Aim well and all caught within this curses blast will bleed right out of their eye-sockets suffering blindness, a decrease to their dexterity and intelligence and a lot of hurt!

Pungent Mist: Silent but deadly, the target of this spell will suffer obscured vision and periodic unholy damage. Note that this spell can be cast with daggers equipped as well!

Mana Leech - As it sayeth on the box, the spell will drain your foes mana and give it to you.
Mana leech can also be used while wielding a 2 handed weapon.

Impale (Ultimate): Summon forth a spike from the bowels of hell to cause unholy damage and drain your enemy's life back to you.

DFUW 2015-04-07 15-27-23-373.jpg


Movement changes have been reverted.
Player Animations have been made more responsive when switching directions and sprint.
Sprinting speed has been reduced by 2%
Arrow missile speed has been reduced by 4.2% (since movement changes have been reverted)

Critical Attacks

All critical chance bonus from weapons has been reduced to 0. As a consequence, there will be no more random crit attacks when you attack a player from the front.

A crit will occur if the attack landed on a player's back, or from the combo system, or if the target was not wearing enough armor pieces. ( Note that we are working on the combo system so that it triggers from ranged attacks as well ).

Density (Metal armor secondary attribute)
will now reduce critical bonus damage, instead of knockback protection.


Melee speed has been increased by 10% for Greataxes, Greatswords, Greatclubs, Polearms.

Greataxes will now apply a stacking debuff (similar to caustic bolt) of slashing protection to the target for a very short amount of time.

Law school spells can now be cast using 1 handed weapons.

3rd person camera is now an option for ranged attacks.

Gank Mode If you are outside a safe-zone and die, at the end of gank mode, you will be automatically ganked. (instead of revived).
There have been 2 types of potions introduced, 1 for PvP deaths, and 1 for AI deaths, that can revert this functionality to "revive at the end of gank mode".

Skill changes:

Pulverize: Knockback Reduced. Blind duration reduced.

Heightened Reflexes: Speed bonus for archery/casting slightly reduced. Duration slightly reduced.

Uncanny focus: Duration reduced similarly to Heightened Reflexes.

Tornado: Fixed a bug where the knockback (duration) was not properly working.

Resuscitate: Added a healing effect on living targets.

Foebringer: Slightly reduced radius.

Staff Bolt: slightly increased casting speed (close to pre-patch).

Lightning Bolt: Blind duration reduced. Camera shake will be added.

Maelstrom: Damage reduced by ~10%

House Recall
Teleportation shard cost has been removed, until more value is added to player houses.

Also, teleportation dust has been added in several scourge-level mob loot tables.

Feat System changes
- You will now gain prowess points per progress action of a feat.
* Example: A feat that required 100 kills and would reward a total of 2000 prowess in its completion will now give 20 prowess in every kill instead. This was done to improve the sense of in-game progression, as well as to give a sense of achievement more frequently to the player.
- Physical feat rewards will be deposited directly to your personal bank.

Clan Vault changes
Clan Vault inventory broken into 3 tiers with separate permissions.
Clan Vault Logs have been implemented.


New protection potions have been added into alchemy recipes.
Supress weakness potion now gives physical attack protection bonus (non-paperdoll stat)
Remedy potion now gives curse protection.
Panacea potion now gives negative effect protection.

Special Events
Particular mobs around Agon have been buffed in power, as well as having improved loot (as long as you manage to kill the "boss").
Click the new button "Events" near the bottom of the list, to see where you can find those.

Mount Skins
Attributes of the spawned mount are now working as intended when using mount skins ... ost6470423

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Re: New Patch 8th of April

Postby Gilian L. » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:07 pm

Nexus system

A custom teleportation system has been added in game. In order to use this, you need to place a "nexus entrance" in 2 locations in the world. Once the 2nd entrance is placed, the system will be active for 2 hours, unless an entrance is destroyed.
Nexus entrances can be crafted by Master Engineers.


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Re: New Patch 8th of April

Postby Silva » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:54 pm

Clan Vault inventory broken into 3 tiers with separate permissions.

We wait 7 years for this, and its just slipped in to the patch notes like its a terrain fix :lol:
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Re: New Patch 8th of April

Postby [tbc]legs » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:10 pm

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