TFK tournament 06-07-2013

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TFK tournament 06-07-2013

Postby LethalNerdrage » Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:31 am

Starting time 6pm GMT+1 ( so 18:00 in the UK, 19:00 for Holland etc. )

This will be a 3v3 tournament with a maximum of 8 teams (24 players) , you are ONLY allowed to sign up solo (you will be paired up with other solo entries before the tourn starts ). If the maximum number of participants is reached team sign ups will take precedent over people signing up solo!

The tournament set up will be : two groups of 4 teams round robin bo 1 ( every team fights each team in their group once) best 2 of each group will advance to the semi final which will be bo 3, final will be b05.

team set up : have to have atleast 2 different classes in a team
prize/entry: 1000 gold per player , NOT full loot, 1st place takes 70 % of pricepool, 2nd place 30%
gear : max rank 70 weapons/armor, one mount per match per player, pots and food are allowed
area : players can use the whole city of aradoth with the following restrictions , you can NOT go into buildings, the cave in aradoth is off limits and you can not go up the walls
other : ressing is allowed, if your ganked you are out of the match

Solo players signed up so far:

1 Protocarius Bodelarian
2 Mad Orange
3 Oddbeard Ironhelm
4 Quick Silva
5 Klump Stonefell
6 Vulgar Moistbridge
7 Beast Eater
8 Greedy Stark
9 Sally Morgan

Still looking for somebody to record and somebody to help with the brackets!

If you sign up please do so with your ingame character name , and incase you sign up a team do so with team name and ingame character name.

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